Sunday, 18 January 2015

Triple J's Hottest 100 - #Tay4Hottest100

The #Tay4Hottest100 campaign seems to be gaining momentum, and publicity, enough that it is amongst the favourites on Sportsbet. I'm not particularly convinced that Sportsbet is on the money; it'll rank closer to 100 than to top spot (if indeed Triple J don't declare votes for "Shake it Off" ineligible).

With the momentum and publicity, comes the inevitable backlash. For mine, I'd prefer it to be included if it does get enough votes, rather than discounting them, and opening a can of worms over how truly the countdown relfects votes received. Realistically, while it has no place in the Hottest 100, if the campaign does succeed, "Shake it Off" wouldn't be the first song of dubious quality (and/or fit with the station) to make the countdown, and it won't be the last.

In that vein, let's have a look back throughout the Hottest 100 history at other songs which raised an eyebrow or two (some perhaps more in hindsight than at the time), be it over inclusion in the list, or, it's actual ranking.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Ranking Disney's anmiated films (part 2)

Up next with part 2 (30-1) of my complete ranking of Disney's 54 animated feature films.Controversy awaits!

You can view Part 1 here

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Ranking Disney's animated features (part 1)

Having finally seen Big Hero 6 (a pox on the fact that Australia gets so many releases week (often enough, months) after the rest of the world), I'm taking my cue from the fantastic Nighthawknews blog to rank the 54 Disney animated features. This purely takes in to account those films with Walt Disney as the animation studio - the films (for example) made by Pixar (which will be a separate list at some stage) or Studio Ghibli aren't considered for this list.