Thursday, 31 December 2015

Triple J's Hottest 100 - votes 2015

My final votes for the Triple J Hottest 100 for 2015...

Before listing my final vote, the following came close (sticking to my one song per artist guideline):

Courtney Barnett - "Dead Fox"
This will likely be the third/fourth most popular song from Barnett (behind "Pedestrian at Best" and "Depreston", possibly behind "Elevator Operator" as well). While there is an off-chance it makes the 100 (there is support for her, given the placement of Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit in the album poll), I'm thinking it just misses out.

Likely range:  101-200

Bully - "Trying" 
A bit of a grunge throw-back. I'd (obviously) like to see it place, but can't see any of Bully's tracks making the countdown.

Likely range: > 200

The Drones - "Taman Shud"
Reasons to vote for "Taman Shud":
  • The Drones have never made the Hottest 100, and it's about time that they did
  • It's such an Australian song
  • We need more politically charged call to arms to make the list
  • Andrew Bolt isn't a fan
Previous votes for artist:
  • "The Minotaur" (2008)
  • "How to see through fog" (2013)
Likely range: > 200  

Foals - "What Went Down" 
Foals seem likely to have two tracks make the list, with "Mountain at My Gates" an outside chance for the top 10.

Previous votes for artist:
  •  "My Number" (2013)
 Likely range: 26-50

Gang of Youths - "Magnolia"
Given that Positions placed at #6 in the audience album poll, I'm confident that they will be represented in the Hottest 100, most likely by "Magnolia", with "Radioface" being thereabouts

Likely range: 51 - 75

Northlane - "Obelisk" 
One anticipates quite a bit of music from the heavier end of the spectrum to be played come Australia Day, but I'm not sure whether Northlane will be joining Bring Me the Horizon, The Amity Affliction and, if things go according to plan, Parkway Drive. They should though.

Likely range: 101- 200

The Rubens - "Hoops"
No doubt that this is will place in the top 10. The real question is if "The Night is on Our Side" will place along side "Hoops" and "Hallelujah"

Likely range: 6-10

Tame Impala - "The Moment" 
Yeah, I could have thrown my vote behind "Let it Happen" to help push it to #1. Tame Impala are a strong chance of five or more songs in the Hottest 100. "Let It Happen" and "The Less I Know The Better" should both be in the top 10; "Eventually" and "'Cause I'm a Man" are also pretty safe bets to place. One of "The Moment", "Reality in Motion"  or"Yes I'm Changing" wouldn't be totally outside the realm of possibility

Previous votes for artist:
  • "Half-full Glass of Wine" (2008)
  • "Solitude is Bliss" (2010)
  • "Elephant" (2012)
 Likely range: 101-200

Violent Soho - "Like Soda"
Making me eagerly anticipate their fourth album next year...

Previous votes for artist:
  • "Jesus Stole My Girlfriend" (2010)
  • "Tinderbox" (2012)
  • "In the Aisle" (2013)
Likely range: 26-50

Wolf Alice - "Freazy"   
I'm not too sure when evaluating Wolf Alice's chances... I suspect they'll be victims of vote splitting and end up missing out, while having two-three songs in the almost made it list ("Giant Peach" being the most viable alternative track).

Likely range:101-200


  1. No "Do you remember?", it might just win now. :-p

  2. I haven't checked out the ones that came close but just going over the ones you've voted for it is very apparent that you and me have very different tastes and I will acknowledge that you are far more discerning. Because baby you're a firework. I am very impressed with the film clips for all these songs given that there is less money to produce them than ever. Shout out to the old gals in "Like Soda' although I hope that didn't go too far. I bailed out at 2minutes around where I left for most clips. Only 'Dead Fox' and 'Frenzy' did I see to the end. Hoops may be my favourite song that you voted for which is ironic because while the song is growing on me the film clip currently hasn't. Coincidentally you list it as the most likely to be popular track out of your choices. Shout out to Gangs of Youth for chucking a Beyoncé. I was interested in Taman Shud but alas I can barely understand what the poor boy is saying and if he is shitting on the military...sometimes I hate to admit how conservative I really am. :-( God I'm so old. But I'm not agreeing with Andrew Bolt, no way he'd like Dead Fox. Tame Impala's 'The Moment' wouldn't play for me but given my appreciation of 'Let It Happen' I think I'm okay with that. Thanks for the list Mike, clearly I'm too much of a populist to enjoy good music but I liked some of these tracks. Probably Dead Fox, Frenzy, Like Soda and Magnolia were higher in my preference than the rest but probably Hoops. Maybe that is no surprise given how much I like 'My Gun'. Why do I get the sneaky suspicion I would enjoy different songs from these groups even more?

  3. Well, I never expected Northlane to be your kind of scene.