Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Top Fives: Overlooked Foo Fighters tracks

With Faster Louder recently posting an article about Foo Fighters "performing as a covers band" after performing a "greatest hits" setlist, it got me to thinking about some of the songs that they've done over the years which seem to have dropped from popular consciousness (or at the very least, weren't big enough to warrant inclusion on their Greatest Hits album. Most of these were quite popular at the time

I'll Stick Around
Hottest 100 rank - 70 (1995)
"Exhausted" may have been the Fooies first single, but it was this song following on from "This is a call" that had thinking there was longevity to the band.

Down in the Park
Hottest 100 rank - 21 (1996)
From The X-Files soundtrack. On the right day, I'd argue that this is the best work they've done, which might be overstating it a tad given the strength of their oeuvre.

Hey, Johnny Park!
While not played as frequently as the bigger songs from The Colour and the Shape, "Hey, Johnny Park!" is something of a staple in Foo Fighters gigs, and deservedly so.

Stacked Actors
Hottest 100 rank - 18 (2000)
Possessing something of a heavier, more distorted sound than the typical Foo Fighters fare. My love for this probably isn't overly surprising - I'd rank Probot as the best work done by Grohl between Queens of the Stone Age's  Songs for the Deaf and Fooie's Wasting Light.

The One
Hottest 100 rank - 11 (2002)   
Random reminiscing - on the way to the Big Day Out in  2003, the Foo Fighters song most people wanted to hear was this, rather than "Everlong". 

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  1. Speaking of Everlong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUKOtbVnV4M If it's good enough to get David Letterman off a gurney and back on television in 5 weeks. It's good enough for me. :-P Your taste though always reveal hidden gems in all aspects of popular culture.