Friday, 4 July 2014

Top Fives: Songs using a refrain of "Yeah"

With Violent Soho getting some press at the moment due to "Covered in Chrome" being censored in the United States due to the presence of "Hell fuck yeah" in the lyrics, it seems appropriate to pay tribute to that, and other songs (mostly within  the grunge genre), that make use of the simple refrain of "yeah".

Nirvana - "Lithium"
Hottest 100 ranking - 3 (1991)

Probably my favourite song off of Nirvana's breakthrough album. The song still resonates, being one of four Nirvana songs to reach Triples J's hottest 100 of all time in 1998, and in the top 101 (where Heart Shaped Box placed) in 2009.

Collective Soul - "Shine"
Hottest 100 ranking - 92 (1994) 

While I recall this being huge back in its day (and wikipedia says it charted at #8), it's something of a lost song of the 90s, as many of the grunge acts that followed in the wake of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, while they achieved success, they seemed to fall away from the rock radio playlists in the years that followed.

Alice in Chains - "Again"
Speaking of Alice in Chains...

End of Fashion - "O Yeah"
Hottest 100 ranking - 8 (2005)
It might be cheating since "Yeah"forms part of the title (but it's my list, so meh), this song was huge in its day (though a top ten placing in the hottest 100 was unexpected), though Justin Burford was reported as claiming that Triple J killed End of Fashion.

Violent Soho - "Covered in Chrome"
Hottest 100 ranking - 14 (2013)
And here we return to Violent Soho. Admittedly, an edited version of this may have helped them crossover to the more mainstream audience in the wake of their Hottest 100 success.

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